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Demo Saddles

We have a limited number of our basic models of Edix Treeless Saddles for interested riders to try before you buy. We provide them fully mounted for you to test ride on your horse and ask that you cover the postage costs both ways. We can let you know the exact shipping costs once we have your address. 

We charge a $100 demo saddle fee to cover wear and tear on our demo saddles, which is waived if you decide to buy a new saddle from us at the point of returning the demo saddle.

Our demo saddles come with everything you need to ride in including a Treeless Saddle Pad, Stirrup Leathers or Fenders, Stirrups, and a girth or cinch. We usually have available the quick change pommel models of either the Courville or Tiamo saddle models to send out for test rides as these will give riders and their horses a good feel and experience of the Edix Saddles, but as they are lighter and fit in a smaller box,  they save all potential buyers on having to pay excessive courier costs.

If you are interested in an Edix saddle, and we don't have it in stock, or it is one of our less popular models. In that case, you will likely need to order it to buy it from us, with expected delivery timeframes being between 3-8 weeks, or up to 12 weeks for custom made saddles, which we will inform you about upfront, prior to the point of sale.

​A security deposit of 50% of the total cost of the fully mounted demo saddle package is always required to use one of our demo saddles, which you will be informed about prior to any bookings being taken, which then either becomes the deposit for your new saddle or is reimbursed upon the safe return of the saddle set minus the $100 demo fee, which we waive if you choose to buy a saddle from us at the end of the demo.

​If you have any questions or want to chat about the options, please get in touch either via email at [email protected] or through our messenger facility on our Facebook page

We ask that all customers read our Demo Terms below before booking a test ride. 


In order to protect our demo saddles and the accessories sent out to users, by booking to use one of our demo saddles you agree to do so under the following terms:

1) DEPOSIT-A 50% security deposit is taken at the time of booking for the total value of the items sent out for you to try. These funds will be held as security against the saddle package until it is returned in the same clean condition in which it was sent, with nil damage and within 5 days (excluding postage times) of when it was received. Normal wear is expected. 

2) YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: We ask that you please do not wear dark denim jeans when riding in any of our demo saddles or diamante studded or sticky bum jodhpurs/ breaches or jeans please as they can damage and/or mark the saddle. You are responsible for the whole saddle package and all contents sent to you as part of the demo until all items are returned safely to us. You are liable for postage costs both ways with shipping fees being confirmed prior to us sending the saddle and accessories to you. We require you to keep all items clean and in good order and instruct the saddle and pad to be used on top of a clean towel on your horse to minimise dirt and hairs. It is important that you assume full responsibility for the saddle and the accessory's condition & safekeeping during the trial period. Experience has shown that damage to saddles usually occurs when they are transported in a car. If you do need to transport the demo saddle package, please do so using the box it came to you in.

3) USAGE TIME AND LATE FEES/NON RETURN CONSEQUENCES: The trial length of the saddle package is 5 days from when you receive it unless previously agreed otherwise. Whilst 99% of people who use our demo saddles are excellent and return them on time and in good clean condition, unfortunately, due to the 1% who have spoiled it for others in the past, by either returning saddles and the other items late, dirty or not at all, we have had to get tough and now will not hesitate to charge late fees, and non-returns fees in order to protect our investments in our demo saddles. We ask that you show proof of return by obtaining a receiver's receipt or by taking a photo of it showing the handover and tracking code/address label etc...when you drop the saddle off to show proof of handing it over to the courier within 5 days at the latest of you receiving it,. We have others booked to use our demo saddles so we will charge you a late fee of $100 per day for every 24 hours it is not returned to a maximum of 5 days, which will be deducted from your security deposit. In the event the saddle set and all accessories are not sent back to us after a maximum of 5 overdue days, then the police will be informed of the theft of our saddle by its non-return, as well as we will instruct debt collectors to remove goods to the full value of all items sent to you in the saddle package, minus your deposit, from your premises. We will then apply for a charging order to be added to your employer and/or business for your wages/earnings through the courts in order to recover all of our costs including our longing loss of use and all other associated fees with the saddle package that you have loaned from us.

4) SHIPPING FEES: We keep postage costs to an absolute minimum and only charge you what we get charged by our Couriers and for packaging materials. These delivery charges are dependent on your location and both inward and outward shipping which will be quoted to you at the time of your booking. You agree to pack the saddle and all accessories securely into the box it was received in and attach the included prepaid courier label to the box to return it, sellotaped securely onto the box. Please drop the saddle off at the counter directly to your local post shop or to the pre-agreed courier depot when you return it, obtaining proof of handover as described in clause 3 of this agreement.


5) CLEANING FEES: Saddles and all accessories must be returned in the same clean condition that they were received: clean and hair-free. If the saddle or accessories are returned with excessive wear and tear including scratches and dents to the leather or excessive marking on girth, girth straps, leathers, fenders or flaps and/or stirrups, an appropriate portion of your security deposit will be retained to cover this damage. If the saddle and/or accessories are returned dirty, a cleaning fee of $100 will be deducted from your security deposit to cover our time and the materials used to return the saddle back to a clean state for the next user. 

6)-REIMBURSEMENT OF DEPOSIT: Upon the return of the demo saddle package to us within the agreed timeframe in good clean condition, we will return your full deposit minus the $100 demo fee into your specified New Zealand bank account. We will waive the $100 demo fee if you buy a saddle from us within 7 days from the return of the demo saddle package. Please note that the waiving of the $100 demo saddle fee will not be available after this time. Any other charges including cleaning fees, damage fees, late fees and shipping fees will be deducted from your deposit, with any additional fees becoming immediately due.

Please be aware that we are not a big organisation, as primarily we are also a horse rescue centre, so we don't have heaps of saddles in stock. Therefore, if our demo saddles are already out on a demo, then you will be placed next in line.