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Edix Saddle Pay-As-You-Go

We appreciate that buying a saddle is a substantial investment and that it can be a lot of money to shell out all at once. So, we offer an easy Pay-As-You-Go payment plan that eases payments into more manageable size chunks, that we can tailor to suit your budget and individual needs.

How does it work?

We ask for a 20% Non-Refundable Deposit, so if you are buying a Bareback System or Saddle the prices for deposits are as follows : 

$1000=$200 deposit

$2000=$400 deposit

$3000=$600 deposit

Our plans are flexible and we are happy to work out a payment plan with you to suit your individual budget and payday cycles. So, either weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments over a timeframe to suit you and your needs. 

Once the saddle is halfway through being paid off, then we order it in from Edix in the Netherlands for you, so that it is here ready for you for when the last payment is made-orders normally take around 4-8 weeks to arrive to us here in New Zealand from our European suppliers to give you a delivery timeframe indication. 

A minimum charge for delivery from us to you within New Zealand will be made for shipping, which we can also build into your plan, along with any accessories you might need.

We are more than happy to work with you for you to find the easiest way for you to buy your new Edix Saddle, so please feel free to message us or send an email to either of the links below to explore this further.

Natural Horse NZ 

Email Us


1-The purchaser agrees to pay a 20% non-refundable deposit to enter into this payment plan, and by doing so agrees to these terms.

2-Payments to buy an Edix Saddle/and/or Accessories/ and shipping fees from Natural Horse NZ are then structured to suit the purchaser over an agreed period of time, that shall be set out during the start of this agreement, and are to be paid into the provided bank account at the agreed structured and regular intervals by direct credit payments only. These are to be determined between the buyer and the sellers at Natural Horse NZ prior to the deposit being paid.

3-It is agreed that once half of the purchase price is paid off by the buyer, the saddle will be ordered from the suppliers in the Netherlands so that the goods are here and ready for the buyer to receive when the saddle is paid off in full. The buyer should be aware that saddle deliveries normally take approximately 5 weeks to arrive from Europe to Natural Horse NZ in New Zealand, but can sometimes take up to 8 weeks for reasons outside of our control including Covid associated delays, and that they should allow for this when planning to pay off the remaining half of the saddle.

4-The buyer agrees that should the buyer cancel this agreement, the full deposit price of 20% of the full amount of the goods paid for, will be immediately forfeited and lost to the buyer. Any other monies paid towards the saddle, accessories and/or shipping fees will be returned to the buyer within 7 days of receiving written confirmation to Natural Horse NZ for the buyer's notice to cancel this agreement and will be paid to the buyer's nominated bank account.

5-The seller reserves the right to cancel this agreement if the buyer fails to meet their regular payments, and will give 7 days' notice to do so, which will also result in a loss of the 20% deposit.

6-If for any reason the goods cannot be obtained by the suppliers, then Natural Horse NZ reserves the right to cancel the agreement in full and return all monies paid, including the deposit, to the buyer.

7-In the event the goods that have not been fully paid for but have been taken into possession by the buyer, the goods will remain the property of Natural Horse NZ until all monies due, including the costs of the saddlery goods and shipping fees, have been paid for in full.

8-The goods won't normally be sent to the buyer until they have been paid for in full but in unusual circumstances such as when a buyer decides to keep a demo saddle or similar, in the event of having to retrieve goods not paid for by the buyer, Natural Horse NZ, reserves the right to employ bailiffs and/or debt collectors to retrieve the goods or monies to the value of them at the buyer's expense.

9-Natural Horse NZ agrees to send the goods to the buyer for the cost price charged to them by the couriers. 

10-The buyer agrees to pay for the domestic shipping costs from Natural Horse NZ in New Zealand to receive the goods to their nominated address, within New Zealand, for the price as is indicated at the start of this agreement. If for any reason between the buyer starting the payment plan and the goods being sent to the buyer, the courier costs have increased, the buyer will be informed of this and agrees to meet these additional costs. Please note that the prices quoted are for standard courier costs to residential addresses or rural addresses within New Zealand. The buyer agrees to provide a postally correct address for the saddle delivery, including an RD number if it is rural delivery. Natural Horse NZ will not be responsible for any losses or delays through buyers giving postally incorrect addresses