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Made of high-quality supple Turkish soft leather and with its stunning quilted saddle flap, the EDIX® Yasir is a feast for the eyes. The Yasir dressage saddle offers a comfortable deep and balanced seat, with luxurious mono saddle flaps ensuring optimum leg contact. The high thigh blocks are positioned to give the rider support and at the same time for the rider’s knees to move more freely, to ensure aids to the horse are given easily.

The saddle has soft leather panels filled with synthetic wool, offering a wide channel for free movement of the spine and correct pressure distribution. The EDIX® Yasir features a comfortable mono flap ensuring optimal leg contact

The EDIX® Yasir is called a soft-tree saddle because the saddle is much more structured compared to many other treeless saddles, yet the EDIX Yasir dressage saddle is still technically a treeless saddle due to the lack of a solid tree. The EDIX® soft tree saddles are built of different flexible soft shock absorbing layers and synthetic wool filled panels, which fully adapt to the horse’s anatomy and riders’ posture. Due to this construction, the EDIX® Yasir soft tree dressage saddle offers the rider a narrower and more balanced seat but still features superb flexibility and spinal clearance for the movement of the horse.

The front gussets have a stabilising built-in strap and are stitched for an extremely stable saddle position. The EDIX® Yasir saddle is designed as a standalone saddle. By the lack of a solid tree, the flexible materials allow the saddle to fully adapt to the horse’s anatomy. By growth or muscle development due to the increased freedom of movement and correct training, your horse changes shape throughout the season and years of age. With the exchangeable gullet plate system and the refillable panels, the Yasir saddle is easily further adaptable.

In addition, there is an easy way to correct temporary saddle position by using our special treeless 8-pocket saddle pad and inlays tailored to suit your horse (see separate listing).

The EDIX® Y-girthing system, with a base of two front girth straps and a third Y-girth strap (one is removable), achieves even girth tension along the length of the saddle. Its durability improves the distribution of tension from the front and back of the saddle to increase comfort and saddle stability.

Distinctive from many other dressage saddles, the stirrup bar on the EDIX® Yasir is positioned more centrally to the saddle seat. This is to support the correct leg position and helps to reduce pressure on the knees. The EDIX® Yasir is available in brown or black leather and in sizes 17, 17.5 and 18 inch.

When you follow the recommended process of fitting, testing, purchasing and aftercare, EDIX® saddle guarantee a perfect fit of your saddle for you and your horse to enjoy for many years. EDIX® treeless riding, the way to more mutual feeling between you and your horse!

Edix Soft Dressage Saddle-Yasir $3250

with exchangeable gullet plate flexi system

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