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The items listed below have helped us to rehabilitate and treat many hoof issues over the years, in the rescue horses that have come through our centre. Therefore, they have been trailed and tested to work well, and have had to work hard to earn a place on our web-shop, so we are happy to highly recommend each item. 

To purchase any of these products from us please click the link under each product, or email us directly at [email protected] or or via our message facility on our Facebook Page at Natural Horse NZ. 


Hoof Wax 80g or 160g Size

Our All Natural -Chemical Free formula is made here in New Zealand from Natural Beeswax, Organic Coconut Oil, Raw Honey and Botanical Plant Oils of Lavender, Lemon Balm, Eucalyptus, Manuka & Bergamot. All of which are known for their ant-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

Hoof wax comes in the tin in solid form-scrape a little out and soften it with the warmth of your hands, then apply to seal and protect for hoof conditions including abscesses, hoof cracks, seedy toe, white line disease, hoof punctures and more.

Can be used with hoof boots, pads, skins, and metal shoes.

Can be used with our Natural Horse Hoof Clay.

Price is $25 for 80g size or 

$45 for 160g 


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Hoof Clay 250g Size

Another Chemical-Free product made here in New Zealand that is chocked full of all-natural ingredients to help heal your horse.

This is in the form of clay that you rub on with your hands to address hoof and skin issues including thrush, seedy toe, white line disease, mud fever and rainscald.

It also acts as a barrier to protect your horse's hooves and lower legs against issues and conditions caused by being in muddy paddocks

Hoof Clay can also relieve soreness in the hoof and legs and is ideal for cooling and poulticing.

It can be used with sole pads and even under metal shoes and in hoof boots.





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EQUI BALM healing gel includes Natural plant properties that provide anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial support to your horse.

Its natural healing abilities make it ideal to use for cuts, wounds, sprains, strains, skin rashes, bites, and rainscald, as well as for hoof treatments such as thrush, seedy toe and for treating abscesses too.


$18 for 100ml size 

$32 for 250ml


+ Shipping

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We have been using this natural pain reliever with the rescue horses in our care with very good results for many years. It's easy on the stomach and includes natural compounds that have been proven to reduce inflammation, making it ideal for helping with hoof issues.

Our formula is alcohol-free.

DEVILS CLAW PRICE 100ML -$29 or 200ML for $55

plus shipping

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Hoof Treatment Boots

Tubbease Treatment Boots are $39 per boot and shipping varies between $6 -$9 depending on size and location within New Zealand. 

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Tubbease EVA Sole Inserts

Used in conjunction with the Tubbease Hoof Sock and size matched by colour. The EVA Sole Inserts helps to relieve pain in soles and extend the life of the Tubbease Hoof Sock. Inserts are sold as pairs and sold separately to the Hoof Sock.

Colour Coded in the following sizes:

Purple-75mm, Pink-110mm, Red 140mm, Blue 155mm, Orange 165mm and Yellow 175mm

Price is Per Pair of Hoof Pads is

 $13.95 each + Shipping 

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Tubbease Replacement Straps

For use with the Tubbease Hoof Sock. 

The hook and loop straps are critical for the secure application of the hoof sock.

Colour Coded in the following sizes:

Purple-75mm, Pink-110mm, Red 140mm, Blue 155mm, Orange 165mm and Yellow 175mm

Price is Per Pair of Straps is $6 each + Shipping 

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SALES TERMS: When buying from us you agree to do so under these terms:

1-DELIVERY: We are a horse rescue centre where our volunteers split their time between helping horses & running our shop + we hand make all of our rope tack items right here in our New Zealand workshop too. Therefore, we are always very busy and ask for all customers to please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery of all items due to this, though we endeavour to try to send goods out faster whenever possible-thankyou. For Dr Cook Bitless Bridles please allow up to 4 weeks to receive or for Edix Saddles up to 8 weeks or 12 weeks for custom made orders -more so since Covid has caused further delays.

2-PAYMENTS: In order to keep prices down we only take payment by bank credit as this avoids buyers having to pay third-party fees. Payment is due upfront before any goods are made or shipped. On the rare occasion when goods are sent prior to payment, upon receipt of all goods payment is due. Items remain the property of Natural Horse NZ until full payment is received.

3-REFUNDS/EXCHANGES; in the event of the rare occasion where a customer has received damaged or faulty goods we will pay for their return and cover replacement. We require that we are informed straight away by email or messenger about this and that the goods are returned to us within 7 days using a tracked and insured postage service. Please be aware that we will not be liable for returned goods being lost or damaged whilst in return transit to us. We don't offer refunds on goods for a change of mind or on any of our rope tack items, which are all custom made for each individual customer to their requested sizes and colours.

4-SHIPPING + DELIVERY: We require a POSTALLY CORRECT physical address with a street number + RURAL DELIVERY NUMBER for all deliveries-if in doubt about your address please check the address finder link: Please be aware that if you have a rural address and no Rural Delivery Number is given that the couriers will not insure items sent with postally incorrect addresses so if the goods are lost or damaged in transit then Natural Horse NZ will not be liable for replacement as you have these goods sent to you at your own risk. Natural Horse NZ will not be responsible for any loss or damage to goods when postally incorrect addresses are provided. We use Courier Post as our Shipping Agents throughout New Zealand and send out all goods for the lowest possible shipping costs. We will happily combine multiple items in order to keep courier costs to a minimum. Our couriers charge us a rural delivery surcharge which we charge to customers at cost, so it is always cheaper to send goods to a residential address and we actively encourage this if at all possible to save on shipping fees and reduce shipping times so if you are rural please consider sending to a work address or perhaps a friends residence or local farmlands store etc.....

5-PHOTO'S-the photographs shown on our saddlery items are the property of Natural Horse NZ and are used for display purposes to show which goods we have for sale. As most of our items are individually handcrafted please be aware that they may not be identical to the exact images shown.