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Edix Saddle Accessories

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If you see anything that you like please drop us a line to order at [email protected] or place your order via our Natural Horse NZ Facebook page on the Messenger facility HERE

Girths and Cinches

Elasticated Cinch

The girth that gives your horse full freedom of movement and yet fixes your saddle like a rock.

Available in sizes 30cm -115cm

Black or Brown with stainless steel hardware

PRICE IS $120 plus shipping

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Elasticated English Girth

Same excellent design as the western cinch but in the English styling.

Available in sizes 30cm -115cm

Black or Brown with stainless steel hardware

PRICE IS $120 plus shipping

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The Edix 3-Part Cinch is available in a choice of an english girth of western cinch as shown in the photos.

 Handcrafted from high-quality leather, to provide your horse with a superior girthing experience due to their unique and anatomically correct design. 

They are ideal for horses who have previously had girthing problems and we have seen real benefits from using them with both our own and many of our clients’ horses too.

The unique 3-part Crescent pattern of the girth is lined with soft neoprene padding and flexible elastic throughout, providing an anatomically correct shape for horses, especially those with larger middles, that helps to prevent the girth from riding up to the horse’s armpits.

This flexible system aids in evenly distributing the pressure over a wider area to accommodate for the horse's ever-changing movement to adapt and move with him, whilst providing flexibility and improved comfort.

Encouraging the horse to breathe more easily and preventing that awful sucking in of breath that we, unfortunately, see on many horses who have experienced previous girthing problems.  

Available in black and brown leather

Sizes:50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80.


Price is $245 plus shipping

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This is the same great Girthing System as the Girth overleaf but in a straighter styling for English-styled saddles with two girth straps. 

These are an ideal girth for horses with a proper girth groove far enough away from the elbow of the horse.

 The girth is cut back in the front and rear in the elbow area so when the horse is in motion, there is no interference with the natural freedom of movement of the horse. 

The 3 parts of leather are anatomically shaped, and lined with a soft neoprene padding that offers a large contact area so that even pressure distribution is realized across the horse's full torso for improved comfort.

The girth has a centred D-ring and stainless steel roller buckles to protect your girth straps from wear and tear.

Suitable for horses with girthing issues!


Available in black and brown leather



50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80. 

Price is $245 plus shipping

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Available in black or brown padded leather in sizes: 50-60-70 cm

The anatomical leather dressage girth is elastic and very flexible and can effortlessly form around and follow the movements of your horse.

The girth is made of high-quality leather and for the filling of soft foam and is equipped with 4 stainless steel roller buckles and a D-ring.

The elastic straps can adapt and move, minimising the risk of chafing. Elastic provides freedom of movement of the abdomen and therefore extra comfort anatomically shaped to protect the elbows of your horse. High-quality leather with very soft foam filling stainless steel roller buckles protect the girth straps D-ring for a breast collar.

PRICE IS $165 plus shipping

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The EDIX jumping girth is asymmetrically shaped, made of high-quality leather and a filling of soft foam.

Equipped with 4 stainless steel roller buckles and a D-ring. 

The elastic straps can adjust and move, minimizing the risk of scouring spots.

elastic provides freedom of movement of the abdomen and therefore extra comfort

high-quality leather

very soft foam filling

stainless steel roll buckles protect the singles

D-ring for breast collar and/or reins

Available in black or brown, in the sizes: 100-130 cm

PRICE IS $165 plus shipping

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The Edix Rear Cinch is made from quality Argentina Cow leather and comes complete with a hobble strap.

Available in 4 colours – 



tan (cognac) 

and natural

Sizes 30″



Price is $185 plus shipping

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These girth covers are made of high-quality Merino fur. They not only give your horse a comfortable feeling but also promote blood circulation and thus relieve muscle tension, whilst providing them with comfort too.

The Merino wool is breathable and helps to regulate temperature. 


Available in a choice of 60cm or 80cm lengths that are 12mm wide. 

Colours are natural, cappuccino, black or dark brown.

PRICE IS $85 plus shipping

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Stirrups, Leathers and Fenders


The EDIX T-bar leather mono stirrup straps are made of cow leather and are reinforced with PP strapping at the rear to protect against stretching.

These webber-styled leathers are equipped with a PP loop at the top for attachment to your saddle. Complete with a stainless steel T-bar that makes it easy to set the correct length.

Available in the colours brown and black 


short (50 cm)

normal (65 cm)

long (80 cm)

Sold in pairs.


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The EDIX classic stirrup leathers are made of 25mm wide high-quality cow leather and have an inner core which is reinforced with a nylon strap to protect against stretching.

A leather cover is provided for the buckle

The stirrup leathers are adjustable.

Available in brown or black leather


Short 100 cm

Medium 150 cm

Sold in pairs


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We have a wide range of various styles, lengths and types of western fenders available for our full range of western saddles in various colours and lengths, with different tooling options and finishes.

Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss any of these options 


* including fender straps with buckle 

The fenders are available in brown and black, cognac and natural

 in a short and regular length.

Sold in pairs

PRICE RANGE $120-170 +Shipping 

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The English Composite stirrups can be combined with all types of stirrup leathers. 

They are made from an extremely strong nylon composite material, that is maintenance-free and very durable. 

The underwire soles are made of rubber and have an anti-slip effect.

Available in the colors brown and black

$50 per pair + Shipping.



Leather-covered, laced Western stirrups made of German quality stainless steel in a “Bell Bottom” model.

Equipped with padding on the footbed for comfort. Sold in pairs. 

Foot width: 13 cm.

Will fit fender width: 7 cm

Available in brown and black.

$140 per pair plus Shipping



Made of aluminium and therefore super light and strong, the white stitching gives the leather finish of the basket a beautiful and more luxurious look.

The stirrups have thick padding on the footbed for comfort. 

Available for fender suspension with a width of 5 or 7cm.

Available in brown or black

$145 per pair plus Shipping 


The EDIX® curved stirrups are made of high-quality German quality stainless steel or brass. 

The stirrups have a twisted suspension for an optimal stirrup position to keep your stirrups facing forward.

The hinges are covered with rubber and ensure that the joints of the rider are less stressed. The braces have an extra-wide footbed for more grip and stability.

Curved top for optimal position

Flex mechanism provides shock absorption

Extra-wide support for more grip and stability and shock absorption

Good weight distribution for perfect balance for optimal comfort and security

Footbed 11.5 x 9 cm. Suitable for normal English stirrup straps of 25 mm wide. Sold in pairs.

$155 per pair + Shipping


When buying from us you agree to do so under these terms:

1-DELIVERY: We are a horse rescue centre where our volunteers split their time between helping horses & running our shop + we hand make rope tack items, so we are always very busy and therefore ask for all customers to please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery of all items due to this, though we endeavour to try to send goods out faster whenever possible-thankyou. For Dr Cook Bitless Bridles and Hoof Boots -if your item is not in stock please allow up to 3 weeks to receive if we have to order from our suppliers. For Saddle Orders: We hold some saddles in stock but it is likely we may have to order yours in from our supplier. Saddles normally arrive within 4 weeks but Saddle and Saddle Accessory Deliveries can take up to 8 weeks, as they are sent from the Netherlands in Europe. We ask all customers to please also allow for delays due to unexpected Covid 19 effects and protocols.

2-REFUNDS/EXCHANGES; Please be mindful prior to purchase that saddles and their accessories are not refundable or exchangeable and that all sales for them are final as we bring them n to new Zealand by special order and therefore it s not feasible to offer an exchange service. In the event of the rare occasion where a customer has received damaged or faulty goods, we will pay for their return and cover replacement. We require that we are informed straight away by email about this and that the goods are returned to us within 7 days using a tracked and insured postage service. Please be aware that we will not be liable for returned goods being lost or damaged whilst in return transit to us. We don't offer refunds on goods for a change of mind or on any custom made rope tack items.

3-SHIPPING/ADDRESS: We will send out all goods for the lowest possible shipping costs, and happily combine multiple items in order to keep courier costs to a minimum. We do require a physical address with a street number + name & RD number if applicable for delivery. Please make sure your address is postally correct by checking the NZ Post address finder, as Natural Horse NZ will not be responsible for lost or missing parcels where incorrect addresses have been provided, which includes giving us the Rural Delivery Number. Our couriers are not able to deliver to Rural Addresses without any RD Numbers.

4-Photos-the photographs shown on our saddlery items are the property of Natural Horse NZ and are used for display purposes to show which goods we have for sale. As most of our items are individually handcrafted please be aware that they may not be identical to the exact images shown